Six Questions with Honeywell

Question 1:  
Tell us about yourself? Richard Easley, 15 years with Honeywell Chemicals in Operations Management. 

Question 2:  
When and why did your relationship with CMI begin? I began working with CMI in  2010 and have maintained a consistent relationship with them ever since. 

Question 3:  
What were your initial business challenges? I needed a reliable liner shop that could meet my ongoing trailer needs.  

Question 4:  
What solutions did CMI bring to the table? CMI came through with an extensive knowledge of the rubber line system, a great reputation, and a seasoned crew willing to work out problems with existing rubber failures.

Question 5:  
Describe something that CMI did over and above expectations that really stands out with you. There are so many instances I can’t name them all. CMI always seems to come thru for me when I need trailers completed in a timely manner. CMI went above and beyond to figure out why my trailers were failing prematurely.

Question 6:  
What was your overall experience with CMI and would you recommend them? CMI has been a dedicated vendor for Honeywell for many years and I look forward to working with them for many more. I would recommend their services to any of my professional colleagues.  

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