Safety is Priority 1 at CMI.

Controlled Maintenance, Inc. (CMI) considers safety one of its highest priorities. We strive to conduct all operations safely and prudently while providing our customers with the finest services and equipment available. To meet that goal, CMI employees work together to assure our customers that each project undertaken reflects a commitment to safety, pride in our work, in our reputation and ourselves. All CMI employees who engage in production or field operations are required to maintain up to date safety training. If a customer requires additional training, our Health, Safety and Environment department works with the customer and the employees to obtain the needed training and we maintain an employee training matrix and documents training needs and activities.

Current HSE information for Controlled Maintenance, Inc.

  2015 2016 2017 2018
Experience Modifier Rate (EMR)* 0.89 0.85 0.82 .81
HRS Worked 61,406 59.310 57,972 134,371

CMI continuously works to improve our safety culture by building a behavioral-based approach to safety, involving all employees and deploying programs and safety-related efforts throughout the company. We believe that everyone in the company participates in maintaining and improving our safety culture. At CMI we take safety seriously.

  • Avetta Contractor ID =  59672
  • ISNetworld membership number = 400-197482
  • Disa, Inc., Exploration and Production Contractors Consortium (EPCC) number = 48261
  • CMI has an active and completed Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) with PEC

If you would like further safety-related information don’t hesitate to contact:

Jason Hernandez
Corporate Safety Manager

(225) 555-1212